A Stigma Lifted in the Beauty Industry

A Stigma Lifted in the Beauty Industry

Elevate Salon Institute in Westminster is owned by Matthew Morris, Cameron Letterman and Marvin Gutierrez.  As trailblazers, they entered the Beauty Industry when the demographic was predominantly female.  Stigma surrounding men in the Beauty Industry has been slowly lifting.

We have always welcomed all students into our blended classrooms where our culture embraces inclusivity and diversity.  We are truly excited to be part of this revolution where the opportunity to pursue a career in beauty is not limited by one’s gender.


In the coming month we will be sharing the story of each owner. We are starting with Marvin; he shares his journey into becoming a successful Cosmetologist and business owner.  His passion for the industry started when he was young and resides within him to this very day.

“Growing up I remember watching my mom and sisters doing their hair, sparking immense intrigue and curiosity. As I got a little older that curiosity stayed with me, and I started telling my sisters about the different women’s hair styles I was seeing on TV and encouraging them to do it.

I started working for Costco pushing carts when I was in high school. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Denver and transferred with the company. I got a second job at a cleaning company working nights. One of the places we cleaned was a high-end salon in Cherry Creek, the very place that gave me a confident glimpse into my future. I remember telling my coworkers, “I’m going to work here someday as a stylist.” Needless to say, they couldn’t foresee my future and laughed at the notion.  A year later, I was working in that same high-end salon.

Three years later I started working for a new salon called Matthew Morris Salon and Skin Care. A couple of years later became co-owner. We now have three salons and a school called Elevate Salon Institute.

My influencers are my business partners and coworkers. I believe in taking the opportunity to learn from everyone, regardless of position or expertise.

My biggest challenges are finding enough time to be at all three salons and the school, while still serving my clients.

My future goals are to continue to learn as much as I can and working hard to ensure the success of our business and the school.”