Career College vs Trade School Education

Your Recipe For Creating Your Future in the Beauty Industry

Love beauty? Trust us, we can’t get enough ourselves, you might say we are addicted! If you’re in the middle of exploring careers, college vs trade schools and which one is going to be right for, then you’re going to like our quick breakdown on information that you’ll be sure to love!

-Focused Educational Path-
You can choose a specific discipline and complete an education without having to finance prerequisites.
-Shorter Duration-
Our Cosmetology and Barbering programs are 12 months, Hairstyling is 10 months, Esthetics and Nail
Technology are 5 months.
-Smaller Class Sizes-
At Elevate Salon Institute we cap our class size to ensure each student can connect with their
instructor(s) daily.
-Financial Investment-
Career College is significantly less expensive than Traditional College which equals less student loan
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A Stigma Lifted in the Beauty Industry

A Stigma Lifted in the Beauty Industry

Elevate Salon Institute in Westminster is owned by Matthew Morris, Cameron Letterman and Marvin Gutierrez.  As trailblazers, they entered the Beauty Industry when the demographic was predominantly female.  Stigma surrounding men in the Beauty Industry has been slowly lifting.

We have always welcomed all students into our blended classrooms where our culture embraces inclusivity and diversity.  We are truly excited to be part of this revolution where the opportunity to pursue a career in beauty is not limited by one’s gender.


In the coming month we will be sharing the story of each owner. We are starting with Marvin; he shares his journey into becoming a successful Cosmetologist and business owner.  His passion for the industry started when he was young and resides within him to this very day.

“Growing up I remember watching my mom and sisters doing their hair, sparking immense intrigue and curiosity. As I got a little older that curiosity stayed with me, and I started telling my sisters about the different women’s hair styles I was seeing on TV and encouraging them to do it.

I started working for Costco pushing carts when I was in high school. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Denver and transferred with the company. I got a second job at a cleaning company working nights. One of the places we cleaned was a high-end salon in Cherry Creek, the very place that gave me a confident glimpse into my future. I remember telling my coworkers, “I’m going to work here someday as a stylist.” Needless to say, they couldn’t foresee my future and laughed at the notion.  A year later, I was working in that same high-end salon.

Three years later I started working for a new salon called Matthew Morris Salon and Skin Care. A couple of years later became co-owner. We now have three salons and a school called Elevate Salon Institute.

My influencers are my business partners and coworkers. I believe in taking the opportunity to learn from everyone, regardless of position or expertise.

My biggest challenges are finding enough time to be at all three salons and the school, while still serving my clients.

My future goals are to continue to learn as much as I can and working hard to ensure the success of our business and the school.”



Beauty Schools for Men: 3 Reasons It’s Worth Pursuing Your Passion

Beauty Schools for Men: 3 Reasons It’s Worth Pursuing Your Passion

If you are a man with a dream of going to beauty school, read on. Here are 4 reasons why it’s time to follow your passion and research beauty schools for men. 

1. To Shatter Stereotypes

Makeup is for women, right? Wrong! 

In recent years, largely thanks to YouTube, we have seen so many men showing what they can do with eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush. James Charles made history by becoming Covergirl’s first “Coverboy!” Jeffree Star’s Instagram account is a work of art. Though women have claimed cosmetology as their domain for hundreds of years, that is rapidly changing. 

As a male going into a career in beauty, you will be part of a group of trailblazers who will make it easier for young boys to say they want to be a makeup artist, or a hairdresser when they grow up. Who knows, in a few years, beauty schools for men may be commonplace. 

2. Satisfy Client Needs

There are many clients who prefer to see a male professional for their beauty needs. Male clientele may be more comfortable going to a man for manicures, facials, and other beauty procedures. Some women also prefer male stylists for a variety of reasons. So by going to beauty school you will be able to fill the gap that is currently in the industry. 

3. Join the Ranks of Famous Men in the Industry

Men working in cosmetology is not new. In fact, some of the most famous people in the beauty industry past and present have been men. Go to cosmetology school for men to follow in the footsteps of the visionaries such as the following.

Max Factor

Max Factor invented a new kind of makeup so celebs wouldn’t have to plaster their faces with thick goop on set. His lighter formula was revolutionary. He got to work with leading ladies such as Judy Garland and Bette Davis.

Vidal Sassoon

Yes, the name behind the shampoo bottle belongs to a man. Vidal was one of the most famous hair designers in the world. He invented the bob hair cut for ladies. He also co-founded the Paul Mitchell brand with his student, Paul Mitchell.

Jheri Redding

Redding is known for inventing the Jheri curl. He also created modern hair conditioner and was the first to put vitamins and minerals into hair care products. He also developed many other beauty products. 

Charles Revlon

Another pioneer is Charles Revlon. He invented colors for nail polish that had never been used in the past. He also presented matching lipstick colors so gals could coordinate their lip shade with their nails. Of course, there are many more men that could be added to this list. But this is just a sample to show you that if you are passionate and creative, there’s no telling how far you can go in this industry.

Beauty Schools for Men 

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ve enjoyed these 4 reasons why attending beauty schools for men is worth it. Remember, the only career worth having is one that makes you feel like you aren’t working.

At Elevate Salon Institute, we believe in following your passion. Contact us today to learn more about our programs. 

Is a Cosmetology Career a Good Idea for Me?

According to Forbes, beauty is a $532 billion industry and growing. With this growth, exciting, new technologies have emerged, shaping the beauty industry. Virtual consults, A.I., and social media are just a few of the advances transforming the industry. You may be wondering, “Is a cosmetology career a good idea?” The answer is a definite yes! Becoming a cosmetologist provides many opportunities and career paths. 

Check out some of the latest technology trends influencing cosmetology schools and careers. Find out if becoming a cosmetologist is right for you.

Technology Is Shaping Cosmetology

We said there’s a Beauty Revolution happening! Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all beauty. Consumers want haircare, skincare, and cosmetics tailored to their needs, preferences, and goals. Advances in beauty tech deliver personalized options to consumers. These advances continue to shape the future of treatments, tools, and client interactions. If you’re wondering, “What can I do with my cosmetology license,” explore some of the opportunities created by beauty tech. 

Virtual Consults and Customization

Consumers can now have a virtual consult or chat with their esthetician or stylist. They can then receive product recommendations and regimens based on their needs. Virtual consults offer new opportunities beyond traditional spas or salons for those with a cosmetology license.

Meet with your client from the comfort of your home or office. Use your cosmetology degree to become a consultant. You’ll be able to answer client questions and make recommendations virtually.

Social Media Beauty Influencers

Social media influencers play a dynamic role in the beauty industry through tutorials, and product reviews. With Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, influencers can reach global audiences within their niche. Enjoy sharing new products and teaching others? Consider becoming a social media influencer. Use cosmetology school as a springboard to give you the confidence and knowledge needed.Maybe you’ve been wondering, “what can you do with an esthetics license?” Having this expertise is a great foundation for a social media influencer focused on skincare. 

Augmented Reality in the Beauty Industry

Augmented reality apps are being used by the biggest names in beauty, including L’oreal, Sephora, MAC, and Redken. These apps allow users to test drive cosmetics, hairstyles, extensions, brow shapes, and eyelash lengths, all by using a 3D scan of the face. These apps open the door for cosmetology professionals to help develop these types of apps. Cosmetologists can also use these apps to help their clients make informed choices on products and treatments.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

A.I. provides smarter, personalized options to consumers through the gathering and calculation of data. It is being used to customize skincare regimens for consumers using facial photos. Data like weather and air quality, menstrual cycles, and stress levels are input to personalize treatments.

If you’re thinking of becoming an esthetician, imagine having that data at your fingertips to make recommendations for your clients. 


New devices used in beauty are influencing treatments in all areas of the industry. Light therapy devices are increasingly being used for hair restoration and skincare treatments. Learning these new technologies can give you an edge in your field. 

Is Cosmetology School Right for Me? 

Even with the opportunities beauty tech brings, you might still be asking yourself, “Is a career in the beauty industry a good idea?” We’re here to help you find the cosmetology career that’s perfect for you that meets your goals. Check out our website for more information on the amazing programs we offer. 

2020 A Remarkable Year

2020 A Remarkable Year

Before we SPRING forward, let us look back on this epic year that will indefinitely be referred to as 2020-the year of devastation, stress, change and resilience-among many other colorful adjectives.

One word that oftentimes does not come to mind when describing the challenging year of 2020 is: REMARKABLE.

Definition of remarkable (Google Search. Defined by Oxford Languages. March 10, 2021): re-mark-a-ble, worthy of attention; striking.

It seems fitting to refer to the success of Elevate Salon Institute during the 2020 pandemic as remarkable.  We Enrolled 70 students-a striking number considering the obstacles.

Even better, we GRADUATED 40 students!  That is 40 students who persevered, powered through and pursued their education during a time it would have been easier, perhaps, to give up.  THAT is REMARKABLE!

We are proud to have come out on the other side of the pandemic of 2020 a stronger institution.  A culture of dedicated instructors, inclusivity, partnership, and a combined goal of educating future Salon Professionals.

Join us in 2021 to achieve your career goals in Cosmetology, Barbering, Hairstyling, Esthetics or Nail Technology!


Consider Accreditation When Choosing a Beauty School

Why is Accreditation So Important When Deciding to Invest Into Your Future?

Not all beauty schools are equal, and you may feel overwhelmed when you search for the right beauty school for you. One confusing term you might run across is “accreditation.” 

Accreditation is the approval a school gets from the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS). The AACS reviews beauty schools to make sure all of their programs meet the highest standards of beauty education. 

This means that the courses you take in cosmetology, hair care, nail care, barbering, and other subjects at an accredited school give you the most for your tuition money. It is important to know that students who apply to non-accredited schools are not always eligible for financial aid, as those schools are not required to accept the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). 

Choosing an accredited school means:

  • You may be eligible for federal financial aid
  • You may have an advantage in the job market because employers know that  applicants from accredited cosmetology schools are salon professionals with the quality training
  • You may have more earning potential because you are eligible to work at more places and may get paid more

In short, a degree or certificate from an accredited beauty or cosmetology school is the gold standard in beauty education. Reach out to our admissions or financial aid officer to learn what tuition savings options are available specifically for you! 

Beauty Careers: What Can Beauty School Training Offer Me?

Have you ever wanted to be the Molly Ringwald to someone’s Ally Sheedy (like in The Breakfast Club)? The person who helps give people makeovers to discover a look for themselves they never thought possible? Well, if that sounds fun, wait until we tell you about the getting paid part.

Yes, nabbing a career in the beauty industry is a viable job opportunity. But first, you’ll need to go to beauty school to get the certification you want. But why jump through this extra hurdle?

Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s time to take a look at what beauty school training can do for your future with beauty careers! 

But enough preamble, right? Let’s get into it!

Are Beauty Careers a Good Career Path in the Long Run?

Beauty careers will benefit you in the long run because they offer steady pay. With an average  starting annual salary of $28,522 in Colorado, you have a good foundation for building the rest of your career. Beauty school training will also educate you in a wide variety of beauty skillsets, from skincare to lashes, innovative hair styling to unicorn hair…you can literally design your future and develop into the artist you’re ready to be. These skills translate into an even wider range of jobs outside cosmetology (like television studios and medical spas), which in turn provide you more avenues to get revenue from.

Another reason beauty careers stay rewarding is the creative opportunities they offer.  Every day, you’ll get new clients who pose unique challenges for you to solve in achieving the look they desire. This helps keep your work from feeling stale and unrewarding.

Why Go to Beauty School?

One of the main reasons people go to beauty school is that it’s required to get into a lot of positions within the industry. This is especially important if you don’t have any career experience in the beauty world, as your training will showcase some form of knowledge.

Another perk of beauty school is that it offers a lot of flexibility and gets you a degree faster than a conventional college. In many cases, you can burn through all your coursework in less than a year, and many schools offer online options for those who can’t make it to the campus. And contrary to popular opinion, these schools work hard to make sure the online experience is equal to that of in-person learning. 

What Do You Learn at Beauty School?

Beauty school teaches you way more than how to give someone some amazing eyeshadow. Haircare (from cutting to coloring) is covered within beauty school, as is nail care. Esthetics (or skincare) is also big, and you can specialize in that to open up more career possibilities. You’ll also learn the finer points of makeup application here, which can serve you well if you want to follow in the footsteps of legends like Dick Smith and become a film makeup artist. 

Fast-Track Your Career

And there you have it! Now that you know all about why beauty school is vital for securing a spot in the field of beauty careers, you’re ready to get started on your education today! If you want to learn more about studying with one of the top beauty schools in the nation, feel free to contact us here at the admissions office and let us know how we can help you achieve your dreams!

The FAFSA Is Your Financial Aid Friend!

Are you thinking about going to beauty school but are worried about the cost? Fear not: You may qualify for many federal grants, loans, and other forms of financial aid! You can begin learning more by filling out and filing the FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid. That’s right: all you have to do is fill out one application to find out what kinds of financial aid may be available to help you manage your education costs, including tuition and other education-related expenses.

Many people think that financial aid is only available for students at traditional four-year colleges and universities, but that’s not true. Students at career schools are just as eligible for federal financial aid

To be eligible for federal student aid, applicants must meet a few basic qualifications. You must: 

  • be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen (such as a permanent resident or refugee)
  • have a Social Security number
  • prove that you have a financial need for aid
  • be registered with the Selective Service if you are a male student
  • be enrolled or accepted at a qualifying college or career school
  • maintain what is called “satisfactory academic progress”

There may be other qualifications depending upon your personal circumstances. Most beauty schools have financial aid specialists that can help you apply for aid. So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the FAFSA and get ready to start your education!

Hair Extension Futures In-demand

Did you ever wonder how celebrities manage to look different every time they appear at a new event? They hire skilled hairstylists who know how to install hair extensions. Hair extensions can add volume, length, and even a new color, making them one of the easiest ways to help a client make a dramatic transformation into a new look. 

Hair extensions are in-demand, too: today hair extensions alone make up $6 billion dollars of the $532 billion beauty industry, and that figure grows every day. 

That’s why it could be a good idea to add hair extension classes to your education at some point in your career. In your hair extension classes, you will learn how to:

  • install the extensions 
  • create different styles with extensions
  • care for and use textured hair extensions
  • add chemical-free color and non-committal color to the extensions

There are classes you can take in hair extension installation at hair schools that can help you build your portfolio for guest services. That makes you a more attractive job candidate. Salons are more likely to hire a newly licensed beauty school graduate who can demonstrate a wide variety of innovative skills and abilities. 

Hairstyling Courses

Looking For A Fast-track Future in Hairstyling?

ESI’s Hairstyling Course Is The Fastest Way To Become A Licensed Hairstylist.

Do you have the drive and determination like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde that fueled her in her career moves? to become a trendsetting hairstylist? If you know your creative outlet in the beauty industry is just working on hair alone, then enrolling in the hairstyling course at ESI will be your fastest way to enter into the hair industry as a licensed hair styling professional.

What’s The difference Between Hairstyling Classes vs Cosmetology?

Unlike our 50 week cosmetology program, the hairstyling program is shorterby 10 weeks because it doesn’t cover natural nail care, express or mini facials, or lash extensions…Just the hair! Great news though, both programs are accredited and that means you can apply for financial aid, grants, Beauty Changes Lives Scholarships and more.

The students who enroll into our 40 week Hairstyling program will learn more than just balayage, ombre, updos and styling techniques. You will learn how to prescribe hair care products, pre-booking and maintaining a client book of business, professional social media tactics, and many other aspects to ensure you graduate a salon ready L’Oreal Professional with in-demand skills.

Contact Casey in Admissions if you’d like to learn about this amazing opportunity.