Tips For Taking Online Beauty School Classes

Wish we could be on campus with our ARTIST’s but instead, we’re bringing campus to you! 🏫➡️💻.

Elevate Salon Institute (ESI) just launched temporary distance-learning or temporary online learning for our cosmetology and esthetics programs. Just like it is for you, it is new to us as well. We are all a little stressed and adapting to our new world as quickly as possible. To make your transition into the beauty world smooth, here are our top 3 tips to help you manage your online classes –

Tips For Online Learning:

  1.  Manage your time. Set up a view of your daily & weekly schedule by first mapping out a calendar of all of the assignment and activity due dates along with work and family commitments. It’s okay to be selfish, block off time each week to get classwork done. Online classes tend to have a weekly flow and include discussion boards that require student participation. Plan to be a part of the conversation.
  2. Be a good participant. Good discussions are thoughtful, your best resources to help you bring good discussion starters can be from peer conversations, headlines, lecture and course materials. Great responses go beyond agreeing with your peers. Build on the discussion with your own ideas and experiences. 
  3. Build your social community. Share contact information with your peers to connect on homework assignments and for social support. Be a part of  ESI’s Facebook pages for enrolled students to get the best information fast and easy access to peer conversations on campus and homework topics. Your campus is here to support you every step of the way. Online students benefit from the same support as on-campus students, including help with financial aid to questions about technique.

Be kind to yourself. We are all in uncharted territory right now but we all have each other’s support even if it’s temporarily from a distance right now. 

Whether you’re interested in attending ESI or just missing home, take a virtual tour with us! 🎥. Admissions is just a call 720-243-2962 or an email away from your future.

Access to Online Education: Are Online Cosmetology & Beauty Schools a Better Way to Go?

Stuck at Home? Start a New Cosmetology Career!

In an uncertain world, you can still take steps toward your future no matter where you are today! Start your cosmetology career online and get a head start on a new career from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Elevate Salon Institute knows that students want the best education they can get. That’s why ESI now offers online cosmetology and beauty school certificates and licenses.

What are the benefits of ESI’s online cosmetology and beauty school programs?

  • Start any time. New classes start regularly, so there’s no need to wait!
  • Accessibility: All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to start your training!
  • Variety: You can learn techniques in many areas, including cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology, business management, and marketing.
  • Financial Aid or Financial Assistance: Online students may qualify for all kinds of scholarships, grants, and loans. More financial resources may be available during this time.
  • Program support: Online students benefit from the same support as on-campus students, including help with financial aid to questions about technique.

Our modern style education appeals to all styles of learning. ESI knows that there are no limits to what you can do and is now providing temporary online cosmetology programs* to help you achieve your goals no matter where you are! If you’re looking for a cosmetology school that is best for your style of learning, book your virtual tour with our admissions counselors to put your future into motion.


DEMAND GROWS FOR TRADE SCHOOL GRADS: Is Cosmetology a Good Career Choice?

A Cosmetology Degree is Your Path to a Better Future!

According to Forbes, America needs trade school graduates now. A career in the beauty industry could be your ticket to financial security!


The beauty industry is worth $523 billion dollars. The average American woman even spends nearly a quarter of a million dollars on hair and make-up in her lifetime!

That’s why the job outlook for cosmetologists, barbers, hair stylists, and make-up artists is better than any other field right now. The need is so great that you can start working and earning as soon as you complete a short trade school certificate in cosmetology!

How can you cash in on this trend?

  1. Investigate the different skills you can develop. You can become a hairstylist, barber, make-up artist, skincare specialist, and more.
  2. Search for trade schools in your area or online to see what’s available.
  3. Talk to admissions counselors to find out what program is right for you.
  4. Enroll in a program at a trade or cosmetology school. Programs are short and affordable, and available in all areas of cosmetology.

An affordable trade school certificate can put you on the road to work in no time. If you want a career path with a stable financial future, consider enrolling in a cosmetology program! Start School from Your Home – Online learning has begun. Book your virtual tour with Admissions (720) 243-2962.

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are officially upon us here at Elevate Salon Institute, Westminster.  So far, this year has brought us 3 snow days and winter hasn’t even started!  We officially follow Jefferson County School Districts closing so if they are closed so are we.

It has been 6 months since I took over as owner of this school and it has flown by for sure.  I am learning every day from the amazing staff that I acquired, and they are holding my hand helping me through.  It hasn’t always been easy or smooth, but we are making progress.  I feel very confident in the staff that we have in place and their passion for education, financial aid, admission, compliance and business truly shows.  How lucky we are here at ESI!

We are starting to show an increase in our enrollments as we focus on bringing in the right students that are looking to start their new career here with us.  Nail Tech and Esthetician have shown very strong enrollment across the country and we have seen it here as well.  I feel confident that we have hired the best teachers in these fields to teach our students and prepare them for their futures.  If these programs or any of the other programs we offer (Cosmetology, Barbering or Hairstyling) interest you or you know any family or friends that may be interested please call us at (720) 243-2962.

If you can’t tell, I am very proud of Elevate Salon Institute, Westminster and look forward to the future as we grow and graduate the best in the industry!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

Cameron Letterman Owner Elevate Salon Institute, Westminster.

L’Oréal Professionnel Beauty School Now Open in Westminster, CO

Montage Academy, is under new ownership and has joined the Elevate Salon Institute family of beauty schools.  With new leadership, new systems and training, and a renewed energy from the amazing team already established in the school, Elevate Salon Institute is excited to offer a great opportunity for anyone looking to pursue a career in beauty.  With programs available for Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nails, Hair Styling, and Barbering, Elevate Salon Institute will provide you the training and tools you need pursue your goals and realize your dreams.

Elevate Salon Institute schools are exclusively partnered with L’Oréal Professionnel, the global leader in professional-grade salon products and education, contributing to a curriculum that provides students with the training and skills that are most in demand in salons and spas.

Cameron Letterman, Co-Owner of the Elevate Salon Institute Westminster location, wants the public to know that “with the support of our incredible team, the educational environment here is professional, inclusive, and designed to provide the best student experience possible.  Our culture celebrates unique, creative individuals and provides the means to focus their talent into a truly rewarding career!”

If you have ever considered a career in the beauty industry or know someone who you think would be amazing in the field, please contact or admissions office or stop in for a no-pressure tour and meeting with our team.

Elevate Salon Institute a L’Oreal Professionnel Beauty School

Elevate Salon Institute is excited to announce that we have joined with L’Oreal Professionnel. We have adopted L’Oreal standards of education and are becoming an integral part of an upward push in Education to ELEVATE or enhance Cosmetology Education. Part of our mission is to provide better trained, motivated salon ready- entry level professionals to the job market.